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    A response to your edits:

    No, I've never talked to memesis before this in my life, save once in the Lore5 forum when I asked if he could make some specifications as to the system for submitting weapon artifacts.

    I don't kiss ass.  I was around in the old EC, and I'm here in the new EC.  I've argued with people with post counts higher than memesis and agreed with people who have a post count of two.  Post count,a s you so heroically suggested, means jack shit.

    I was unaware that anything I said made me an ass-kisser of those with high post counts.

    Ironically, these last posts have taken me to Little God status.  See?  Irony.  That's good stuff.
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    That is funny, cause I was around then too, and my recollection you were big on status then too.  I was the guy who originally thought that the council was the solars and allies using the Spell Unity of the Closed Fist.   Oh wait, now you seem to be about, who has been around EC longer.  Some people just dont change eh?  No matter how they argue it.

    Likely because, you hypocritically tried to insult me, for posting the EXACT same way Memesis did to me, earlier, when you were seeming to have a nice discussion with him.  Maybe you are a hypocrit then?  Which fits better?

    I dont know what is more ironic, you trying to point to your post count, on relatively a new forum, or the fact that you cant get over me posting in the EC tradition a la TSJ.  And we all know that the first defence in the ole irony angle I was going at, is to deny its funnyness when caught.  It seems someone is using an opinion to attempt to goad me.

    And funnily enough, we did right have a nice reasonable discussion before mem broke in.  Of which you STILL havent said anything.  Let me point out a few selections here.

    And here is where I DID outline all of my points, even disregarding the blatant tones of ashenphoenix.
    From this mem, launched on a tirade bout specific charms, while I was talking about Charm trees, and indirectly the 15 xp it costs to buy a charm.

    So, hypocritical dumbass?  How in what way have I not filled my points out, well before you and Mem.

    Like I said, you either dont read, are a hypocrit, or are a dumbass.
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    Sorry I asked. Pity you can't delete topics you create.
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    Ugh, too lazy to go around quoting stuff.

    Your recollection is that I was big on status?  I've never been big on status.  I see nothing in my past actions that may even remotely suggest that I'm big on status.

    I don't really care who's been around longer, and again, I don't see how I'm "about post count."  You keep mentioning my lack of reading, but you don't seem to comprehend basic English.  I simply stated I was around back then to provide a setting for my example since, as you well poiunted out, this forum is relatively new.  But here you come, barging back in with your so called irony when all it is is making a huge fucking deal, not to mention competition, about something I don't even give a rat's ass about.  Maybe you're the fucking hypocrite, ass wipe.

    Oh go stick EC tradition up your ass.  I can respect the innate hostility that permeates the entire place, and even contribute to it because it actually does beneficial things for the forum (like keeping those pesky WW Forumites away, heh) but your version of it seems to consist of just being a general asshole all around, which is inane, dumbass.

    I'll give you that much--you're right.  I didn't answer your post, which I should have.  Fortunately, I'm the kind of guy who can accept when he's wrong.  :)

    To which:

    Yes, Lunar Charm Trees are fucked.  This is why I'm going nuts trying to fiix them.  The Tell sucks, which is why I'm trying to fix it.  However, I disagree with you that the Martial Arts styles that Lunars could possibly learn (which do not include Sidereal MA), aren't Lunar-friendly.  Most of the Lunar combat charms are actually quite good, they rip to shreds whatever they get their claws on, and depending on which charm they use for claws, they can rip a lot to shreds.  But let's take a different road to this discussion:

    You say you think Lunars would have developed a Martial Arts based on Shapeshifting.  I say they wouldn't have within the canon outline of those Exalted as a whole.  My reasoning is that, while Martial Arts are studied and sycnhronized fighting arts, the Lunars already have their own type of Martial Arts.  It's their Unarmed and Melee Trees.  Only, wait, their trees can continue to extend as they rise in Essence and Attributes... not to mention that it's almost completely based on their Shapeshifting powers... not to mention that it's all pervasive, meaning you can use them with Brawl, Melee, Martial Arts and probably your ass by shapeshifting it into some sort of canon and shooting exploding Essence farts (a la gigantic bugs from Starship Troopers).  Not to mention armor compatibility!

    What Lunar in his or her wrong mind would go through the trouble of creating an entire style that would basically duplicate, with more limitations, what they can already do.

    "Wait wait.  I know, instead of buying Ferocious Sword Strike, I'll just make a MArtial Arts that let's me do the same, but only unarmed and with swords.   Even though FSS lets itself be used with swords, polearms, katars, bats, sledgehammers, knifes and anything else I can get my claws on!"

    You said "Everybody rants on how great the shapeshifting charms compared to MA charms are.  I just don't see it."  Then you went on to mention that they're loaded with speedbumps, which I will concede you half-way.  There are a bit too many, but it's not LOADED.  A few charms here and a few charms there would make it pretty stable.Probably just four or five charms would get eliminated, at the most.

    You didn't fill your points out in a way that caught anyone's attention, obviously.  If memesis reacted the way he did, he might've had a reason (or he might've just been cranky); but maybe your post simply didn't catch my attention.

    I know when I first read it, I sort of sped through it--it just didn't call out for a response.  It happens, deal with it.  I didn't response, memesis went psycho... big fucking deal.

    In any case, I do read the posts, sometimes they simply don't interest me enough.  I don't really think of myself as a dumbass, but that's your call about your opinion of me, which frankly I couldn't care less about.  As for hypocrite... I try not to be, most of the time.  But occasionally I catch myself yelling at my brother for asking me what smoking is like, telling him it's the worst thing ever... with a cigarette in my hand.  Again: it happens.

    Do chill out, shifty.  All this violent exuberance can't be any good for you.  :)
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    Partially my fault (if not all my fault, meh).  I apologize for screwing your thread, wordman.
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    Back to the discussion on Lunars.

    Lunars big advantage is their shapeshifting.  Yes, if they max out DBT they are going to stand out like a freaking hooker at a Catholic mass, but that's what you get for wanted to be a combat monster.  You have to choose, do you want stealth or do you want combat prowess?  If you want stealth, there are a hell of a lot of Terrestrial and Celestial MA Style that can extend your lifespan by quite a bit.  If you want combat prowess, you might want to learn Sorcery to round yourself out, but you really don't need MA styles; they help, but you don't need them.

    To reply to an earlier comment.  A plus five to Strength and Stamina is always welcome, even in DBT form.  If you have purchased DBT five times, the maximum allowed with Essence five, you will have 17 extra attribute points (assuming you don't get the gift that gives you one or two more, depending on when you buy it).  Assuming you spread them equally around, you will have a +4 Strength, a +4 Dexterity and a +5 Stamina.  If you also know Jade Mountain Form, you can add an additional +5 to Stamina and Strength, which will give you that extra edge in those bad situations.
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    No sweat. It was done a few weeks ago anyway.
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    No other Exalt can perform shaping combat.
    This means that if they're in an area with even the slightest touch of the Wyld, then they can pull whatever illusions they wish.

    It's not in the Lunars book though, it's in an expansion, which is kinda shitty.
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    I'm talking about a different kind of illusions, as discussed in the other conversation that stemmed from this one.
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    Yeah, sorry 'bout, only just caught up with that and this thread.

    Damnable uni - making me miss precious RPing stuff!