Other Provinces of Asgard

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    Provinces of Asgard
    written by Renarion Arenimon


    Ages ago, the former elven kingdom of Eldshaw had been the first to peacefully join Asgard. As result, the elven kind always held a strong, respected position in the society, and went along well with humans.

    Eldshaw extends from the Shallow Sea all the way to the western slopes of Darkvale Mountains. It is generally split into two parts - North and South. Northern Eldshaw is all plains surrounded with mountains while Southern Eldshaw is endless, thick forests. The latter is more populated and traveled, and contains most of the major cities including the capital of Reindir. The inhabitants are also different, and elves from the North are considered a bit strange by their countrymen, living in separated and sometimes isolated smaller settlements, even speaking with a different accent. Though Northern Eldshaw is almost entirely populated by natives, in the South there are nearly as much humans as there are elves, especially in the larger cities.


    The region known as Hyerald is the cradle of human civilization, but ever since the foundation of Asgard it became much more - the seat of political and military power on the entire continent and center of the known world for many beings.

    The geography of Hyerald stretches around the north, east and south shore of the Shallow Sea. This region spans the elven kingdom of Eldshaw and the desert of Daskárd. Though Hyerald is split into two parts, of which one is called South Hyerald, the other one is simply referred to as Hyerald, never given the prefix North.

    Hyerald is the central region of the kingdom of Asgard, and as such the most metropolitan - members of all races can be found here. The capital city, Alicante, is the heart of Hyerald and Asgard. There is quite a difference between Hyerald and the outer edges of the kingdom, evident in the inhabitants and infrastructure. Through time, Hyerald has become the very icon of power, order, knowledge and advancement. Its people are proud, especially the native human population, and often consider themselves superior in at least some way when compared to citizens of other regions of Asgard.

    Though still close to Alicante, South Hyerald is relatively remote in comparison. It lacks some of the glory of its counterpart and has only degraded further since the Great War. Of all the important cities in the region, today only Ridge stands as a reminder of how things once were. Population becomes scarcer the more south one goes, but probably due to its vicinity to Daskárd, South Hyerald has the highest percentage of drakkar population outside of their homeland.
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