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    General Information
    The Patriarch





    Visual Appearance:

    Physical Appearance:
    Standing at 8”05’ The Patriarch is a warrior, a true Alpha of the Houses and of the Kzinti. His fur stands out as a healthy and polished auburn red, as it shows his royal blood, form his own linage. His claws are plated with pure platinum as he is covered in gold and silver chains alike as he dawns the traditional armor of the Last Grate Overlord.

    Personality Information

    Likes: Shiny Objects, Shellfish

    Dislikes: Defeat, Failure, most non-Kzin

    General Personality:
    The Patriarch is a Warrior, but a Scholar. He is the main Alpha and ruler of the Empire and all Kzin. Just as a pack leader, his main goal is the protection and expansion of the Kzin Race. His will is law, and his personality is as cold and hard as refined steel. But yet it has fire and passion behind his voice, able to inspire his fellow Honor bound Warriors at the same time lead the masses to fallow his vision and his dynasty.





    Leader :rank1:

    Leader Bonuses:
    Offensive - Increases troop morale by +1 when attacking. Increases overall mobilization speed during a time of war.

    Confident - Increases the chance that NPCs will target you. Increases the max. size of the military to 12% of your population.

    Character's History

    The current Patriarch is the third succeeded Patriarch, within the established Alpha Blood. In Kzin society, Kzinti are never given a name, but have to work up the Honor to gain a name. Only the Alpha Bloods (the royals and leaders of the Hegemony) are given a name at birth. Those names are called Heroes’ Name. During each new successive Government of Kzin, the Alpha names are made, and are passed down form Generation to Generation. Before taking the name of the Patriarch his name was Jok Mer Rah Tas. (Translation Jok’s Master of the Rah Blood.)

    The Patriarch gained his first name, Jok Mer, as he was given command over the large Water World of Jok. It was his first task, and proof of his education and breeding. Under his guidance the planet developed rapidly, him taking a small artificial island and truing it in to one of the largest Kzin Colonies on Jok.

    He joined the military only a few years after Rah Point (The largest Kzin Colony on Jok) was completed. Trained since a young age, he rose in the ranks of the Navy, at one point becoming a Fleet Admiral of his Father’s personal fleet. Jun Hye Rah Tas’ (Jok Mer Rah Tas’ father, and last Patriarch) fleet was small as compared to the current fleet of now. As main Admiral of the main fleet, Jok Mer developed the current Kzin Space Fleet. Implementing new standards, and even pushed for development of the Jotoki Warp Drives. Under his supervision he created a whole new fleet, removing the Centuries old Warships used during the Kzinti Rebellion of the Jotoki, replacing the old ships with new FTL capable ones as well being responsible for developing the New Inner-System trade lines. For years Jok Mer developed the Kzin Space Fleet, but was hindered by his father’s isolistic ways.

    On the 128th octal, of his Father’s Birth, Jok Mer approached and challenged his father for the title of Patriarch. The ritual was commemorated as the young Jok Mer (octal age 65) faced his father in to a fight for the right to be Alpha. Jun Hye might have been 128 years of age, he was still a warrior and still physically fit as one. The same ritual killed two of his older brothers, and was almost the end of him. But his claws were faster then air as he took the life of his father as well as his name.
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