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    There's no Alchemical charm option on submission system, so I'll put the transformer charms I came up with here insetad.

    Form Faciliation Protocal
    Pre-requsite: Sustained Dexterity
    Dexterity: 4
    Essence: 3
    Cost: 10 Motes and 1WP, adds 1 point of temporary clarity.
    Installation. 1 mote and adds 1 point to permanent clarity.
    Duration: [2 x Essence] hours. [After time runs out, a further 10motes and 1 point of Clarity can be spent to prevent from changing back.
    Type: Simple

    Description: The Alchemical's body is hidden with numerous hidden compartemtns and reversable joints. Upon activating this charm, he effectively dissasembles and reassembles himself in a pre-defined form. Moonsilver exalts can literaly melt and reform. It takes one turn to transform. When in this form, the exalt is effectively a machine, and acts as though it has clarity 8. He cannot reduce temporary clarity in this form. The Exalt can choose 2 subroutines below, and purchase others for 4bp/8xp.
    An exalt cannot have more subroutines than his personal essence +1 if he has essence less than 6. For essence 6+, there is no limit.

    Sample Subroutines:
    Transport Compartment: This allows the exalt to carry supplies or people. For essence 3, he can carry 2 people. Essence 4 can carry 4, essence 5 can carry 10, Essence 6 can carry 15 and essence 7 can carry 30. The Storyteller must decide rules for supplies, high essence alchemicals or anyone with the large-size merit. For an extra 1bp/2xp, the compartment is covered, adding cover and protection against airborne posions. Another 1bp/2xp will make the compartment airtight.

    Increased land Mobility: When the exalt transforms, tracks, insect legs or another device replaces his legs, allowing him to travel 40mph for Essence 3; 60 mph for essence 4; 100 mph for essence 5; 150 mph for essence 6 and 250 mph for essence 7. For 1bp/4xp, the exalt hovers up to his essence in feet above the ground.

    Water Mobility: As above, but the exalt can move on or underwater.

    Plasma Thruster Assembly: As charm.

    Essence Pulse Cannon: As charm. Subroutines listed for this in the rule book can be purcahse at 1bp/4xp and do not count towards the maximum amount of subroutines.

    Other charms in the book may be purchased as subroutines for the transformed exalt, but the storyteller has final say over what can be used.  Some charms may be unusable when transformed, as a general rule, multiframe limbs and melee charms are useless when transformed. Also, the exalt cannot use any objects that require hands or fingers. The transformed exalt cannot melee attack, but may ram enemies. I have no idea how to resolved ramming attacks at this time...

    City defence protocal
    Pre-Requsite: None
    Min Essence: 8
    Cost: 40 motes and 4WP
    Installation: 5 motes.
    Duration: [Essence] Days
    Type: Simple

    This charm causes an elder exalt to transform into a combat form to defend itself from attack, or a faster transport form for it to move incase it's current location is too dangerous. It can be assumed that all residents can be transported safely, and city life can contiune as normal while the exalt is in this form. Unlike the above charm, no subroutines exist for this charm, any charms the exalt wants to use in this form muct be installed before transformation. Transformaing takes 10 minutes.

    Increased land Mobility:
    Pre-Requsite: Sustained Dex.
    Min Essence: 2
    Cost: 1mote/Hour
    Installation: 1 mote. 1 permanent clarity
    Type: Reflexive

    The exalts legs are replaced with wheels, tracks or another device allowing it to move faster on land. Can move [Essence/4] times fatser on land for a cost of 1 mote per hour. Can be added to insectisile legs as a subroutine for 3bp/6xp.
    Hovering: This subroutine is purchased for 3bp/6xp and adds 1 point to the installation cost. It allows the exalt to hover up to his essence in feet above the ground. His legs are literaly removed, so the exalt's body mass and size can be smaller than normal, as decided by the storyteller. The installation cost covers being able to hover, extra motes are only spent when moving faster.

    Yes, I shall be designing an Optimus Prime alchemical exalt.

    As for questions about hybrids. In the description in the book, the cost for a Hybrid to install a general charm slot is given as "Un-Favoured charm +2." But, alchemical charm costs are given as a flat 12xp. Does this mean that Alchemical Charm costs for a hybrid scale with minimum attribute?
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    Coming soon.

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    Uh, that one charm is for a city sized Alchie to take humanoid form and fight while all its occupant ride around inside of it right?  I'm just curious as to where exactly in Autochthon's crowded innards this guy is supposed to be able to stand up, much less fight anyone.  I love the concept, but I don't see a limited use charm being used much.
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    I don't think it's supposed to allow the city to fight like a bipedal warrior or anything, I think it's just meant to move?  I mean, if you watch the Transformer's Movie, which is where I assume he's getting this idea from, and take a look at Autobot City, it basically just transforms into a more mobile form.  It's not like it changes INTO anything... it just kinda folds into itself in places and has jets and stuff that come out of it in order to allow it to move.
    At least that's how I understand this charm?

    And I LOVE Transformers based alchem charms ;)  I made a set of my own charms for doing this, except mine were more based on scanning surrounding objects and allowing the Alchem to transform into them.
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    I was thinking more in terms of Alchemical cities in creation if the storyteller sets a game after the seal is broken. Turning into a Mask Of Winters type Juggernaut.
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    i like that idea, it's pretty rockstar.  thanks ned